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Read below to see where I stand on important issues for Michigan.

Age Gap Improvement

I believe that Americans have a responsibility to take care of their communities. Especially the most vulnerable members. In order to do that we have to bring its citizens together. I want to bridge the gap of understanding between the age groups. I spend time with my older family members and friends who believe that young people do not show or offer respect to their elders.  The younger people I talk to often express that people older than them do not understand their generation and feel left out of societal issues that are important, like government, and human rights.

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I want to get involved with more programs that are willing to bridge the gap of understanding between the citizens of all age groups.  I want to bring back the times when kids and teenagers offer to help with yard work and assisting of the local elderly. When I was a child, my brother and I would oftenled in Assisted Living facilities at Christmas time. We would help our family take care of animals or scooping hay on farms. We did what was asked and what was ne rake yards with our class, girl/boy scouts, or for our family members. We caroeded, and our family is still close to this day. 

Unfortunately, I think we have lost those respect values when it comes to taking care of family and our elderly. I want to bring that back. 

We can use school tutoring, skills teaching, nursing home volunteering, the institution on aging, Community gardens, field trips, cooking classes, meetup programs, and more to educate and connect the different groups within our areas. It is a valuable way to increase understanding between humans and their needs. I want it to be cool to be helpful and go give your time to people without expecting anything back. Our society puts a higher value on money than on helping out in our own communities and even within our own families. We can do better. We MUST do better. We owe it to ourselves as Americans.


I believe that FREE public education for all ages is not only the right thing to do, it is also necessary for the advancement as a country as a whole. The more informed and educated we are as a group, the more we can do to improve every aspect of life. We will have better medicine, better schooling for our kids, and a healthier way of living. For example, literacy rates of prisoners makes a good case for free education of all. If we are able to continue the education of young people through early adulthood it is possible we can lower the rate of ignorance and increase the ability of people to earn a decent

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wage in a better job and keep them out of the prison system. Better education means a better life for all. 

Another important personal issue I believe in is the education we give to our youth about credit and finances. We need to instill in our youth a respect and understanding of how important credit is, increasing credit scores, savings accounts, investing, and retirement. 

I myself have struggled with learning about finances because nobody ever talked to me about it when I was young. I had to learn the hard way, and I want to help others avoid mistakes that others have dealt with.

Let's raise the quality of our systems, together.

"Results have very little to do with the goals you set and nearly everything to do with the systems you follow. You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems."  


-Susan Cain

Family Values & Healthcare

I think that Citizens of the United States of American have the rights to their own bodies. I don't believe that women should have to share personal information or have to seek government approval to make decisions about their bodies.  I believe that is a personal issue between a woman and her doctor. That applies to men's healthcare as well as the right of parents to decide what is best for their children.

Health Care is a  human right and must be accessible to every citizen of this country. Nobody should die because of their access to insurance.

Image by Tyler Nix

I have personally witnessed elderly citizens fighting for cancer coverage and not get medical help for it right away because they didn't have affordable insurance. We can do better than that for our people, for our grandparents.

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