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Meet Amanda Siggins

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State House of Representatives candidate for Michigan - District 101

Meet Amanda

Amanda lives in Cadillac with her husband and their three children.  As a small business owner she understands the importance of helping the business industry. Dedication to the district and growing commerce is a priority of her campaign. 


Family, Community, and Education are important to her and she will work hard to bring necessary support to those who need it the most. 


She is a self-taught entrepreneur and educated at Ferris State University, Baker College, and Northwestern Michigan College.

Why should you vote for me in November? 


I was raised by tradesmen and women. Blue collar workers. Long haul and gravel truckers, John Deere and car mechanics, construction workers, seamstress, masons, and more. I'm not a stranger to hard work. In fact, my work ethic is something I'm very proud of. I learned it from my mom and dad, who are incredibly hard working. 


I'm a product of my family's legacies as hard-working farmers and builders. I grew up on farms, livestock auctions, mud bogs, construction sites, gun ranges, and in kitchens with my grandmas, too. 


My grandpa was a lifelong Teamster member and taught me that you never cross a picket line unless you're going to join them. I have supported Unions like the MEA, UAW, Teamsters, AFL-CIO, and others all my life. Workers need to be protected. 


I grew up in the country and small towns, On the road for long haul trucking with my Dad seeing the U.S. while delivering loads to other states. On one trip I saw the remains of what only one week before had been the Oklahoma City Building. Only when I saw it there was but a heap of rubble and people pulling sad things from it. This memory shaped my heart. 


I went on a mission trip to Juarez, Mexico, with my church. Some of my friends and I fed the children of Mexico in the streets with the money we brought to buy souvenirs. I didn't leave with any Keychain that had my name printed on it, but this memory grew my love of those in need.


I grew up without money. I wasn't raised to be a politician, but I was raised to serve my community. I'm a Michigander, like you are. I was raised that I was worth the work I was willing to put into whatever it was that mattered to me. Michigan matters to me.


My family, memories, and experiences are the whole of who I am. I am excited to get the chance to use everything I've learned along the way to represent you! 


I'm a Michigan woman all the way. I'm not afraid of the hard work it will take to support the people in my district and my state.


(And, no, I don't write or talk like a politician. I'm running to be a representative, not a politician. Real people need real representation.)

What are we fighting for?
  • Reproductive Rights for All. We deserve to make decisions about our own bodies.       
  • Starting, Growing, and Maintaining Small Businesses in our district. I would love to see commerce grow in our rural areas. I want to help people get back to work with new skills and affordable childcare resources.

  • Equal protections for BIPOC and LGBTQIA citizens. 

  • Increasing Funding for Community Programs that provide education, protection, healthcare, cleanup, and outreach of youth. I want to see more resources for families and mental health care. 

  • Reliable and Affordable Broadband access, there are many dead zones in my district where people still can't get phone or internet service.

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